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Semi-automatic PE Film Bottle Shrink Wrapping Machine

Semi-automatic PE Film Bottle Shrink Wrapping Machine Semi-automatic PE Film Bottle Shrink Wrapping Machine

PE film shrink wrapping machine can use the PE film shrink 12 bottle, 6 bottle or 24 bottle and so on size pack together. Machine working process is bottle manual feeding→ pushing bottles→ film covering and sealing→ shrinking→ cooling

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This model is suitable for a variety of imported PE and other domestic shrink film for packaging materials, after the product by sealing, shrink packaging machine directly into the complete package, greatly improved work efficiency and reduce energy consumption. The main electrical parts quality imported components, stable performance, low failure rate, long life, can work long hours to meet the needs of high-volume production. The machine uses a DC motor for linear operation, so no need gas source configuration of conventional models, and therefore easier to use a wider range, which was a major feature of the machine. After the machine packaging materials, it has a beautiful appearance, clean, dust, moisture, breakage, easy handling and storage. Greatly reduce product loss, and possessed packaging cost advantage. In order to enable the operator and the machine itself more safe and effective functioning, this machine uses advanced technology to automatically set up a number of protective measures to ensure the safety of the machine and operator.


Technical parameter

  • Voltage380V 60HZ 3 phase

  • Power20KW

  • Pack size2×3,3×4,4×6

  • Maximum pack sizeL420×W300×H330mm

  • Minimum pack sizeL250×W60×H60mm

  • Seal-cutting machine size1500*830*2000mm

  • Shrink oven size:3000*820*1700mm

  • Furnace chamber size1500*495*460mm

  • Conveyor height800±50

  • Weight170KG +470KG

  • Film thickness0.03-0.25mm

  • Shrink oven conveyor belt stainless steel network chain 

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