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Beer Filling Machine

Beer Filling Machine

This machine is designed and developed by our company with the introduction of German technology and the characteristics of the beer production industry.

This machine has excellent mechanical operation reliability, perfect washing, filling, capping, disinfection and sterilization.

Structural Features

High-strength spring-loaded stainless-steel bottle clamp & plum-like structure rinsing nozzle ensure better cleaning;

Guide rod type centering guiding structure with a pre-covering function;

The high-precision mechanical filling valve is used, which makes the filling fast, stable and accurate;

Stainless steel gland plunger and mechanical agitating magnetic capper ensure hygienic and reliable gland;

The hot water bubble is used to remove the oxygen of the bottleneck air before the capping machine;

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The filling machine has a machine for automatically closing the valve, breaking the bottle, and automatically removing the exhaust pipe;

Perfect CIP cleaning function; Stainless steel N304 material parts; The inner and outer walls are mirror-polished to ensure no sanitary corners;

Manual dry oil lubrication system to make equipment maintenance more convenient;

Advanced man-machine interface operation, PLC control, frequency conversion stepless speed regulation and other automatic control technology.

Structural Features
Structural Features
Structural Features
Structural Features
Structural Features

Suitable Bottles And Caps

Our beer filling machine can suit for many different bottle and caps.  The glass bottle volume is range from 200ml to 2L, the cap mainly is crown cap, pull-ring cap, aluminum cap, screw cap and so on.

Introduction To Three-in-one Filling

BGF series beer rinsing filling and capping machine has three functions.

The Rinsing Machine
The Filling Machine
The Capping Machine
The Rinsing Machine

The Rinsing Machine

It uses high-strength stainless steel bottle of spring-loaded folders to ensure a stable reversal of corner of the glass bottle.

The Filling Machine

The Filling Machine

It uses high-precision mechanical filling valve. With cylinder liquid level and the back pressure controlled by a variable signal proportional.

Our filling machine process is vacuum→ fill CO2→fill beer→ exhaust→ foaming structure→ capping machine.

The Capping Machine

The Capping Machine

It is composed of a hopper, a slideway, an upper part of the gland, a lower part of the gland, a lifting part and an anti-rotation column.

Beer Filling Machine Different Model

Capacity (BPH)50010002000-250003000-40005000-60007000-8000
Filling MethodIsobaric Filling
Filling Temperature ( ℃)0-4
Bottle typeGlass bottle, bottle neck: θ50-90mm, bottle height: θ150-300mm
Main Power (KW)0.372.
Size (M) (L*W*H)1.8*1.4*2.652.2*1.9*2.752.6*2.1*2.752.7*2.2*2.754.1*2.4*2.754.2*3*2.8
Weight (KG)150025003500500075009000

What We Can Do

We can according your requirement to choose best machine for you. From the empty bottle to end packing machine. We sold our beer filling machine to Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Colombia, Mexico, Myanmar, Malaysia and many foreign customers. These customer also my friend. We keep a good relationship.

Some customer share with me the website, some customer prefer us recommend him as our company reference. The important is not sale machine. After-service and quality is key problem.

If you want to know more professional knowledge,

leave a mailbox, we will provide detailed information.


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