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Automatic Bottle Carton Packing Machine Automatic Bottle Carton Packing Machine

automatic carton erector-automatic case packer-automatic cartoning sealing machine

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Product Description


The main features are automatic binning, automatic vertical box molding, automatic folding cover, automatic sealing function.

Main Parameter

  1. Voltage220V/50Hz/600W

  2. Carton erector speed10 carton/min

  3. Max carton specificationL410*W275*H230mm);

  4. Sealing tape Sizeweight 48~60mm

  5. Gas source4.6kg~6.5kgintake pipeφ10

  6. Storage carton tank can put at least 50pcs without forming the carton once,can be added any time .

  7. The electric system: "Siemens" PLC controller, the text mode of operation, "Schneider" contactor, FESTO and AIRTAC pneumatic components and Chenbang motor

  8. No tape and no carton alarm function

  9. Carton erector typeVertical shape, exit height 600mm,opening towards the top after carton forming out

  10. Machine oversizeL2000*W1995*H1460mm

  11. ColourWhite color card

  12. Carton erector is right into left out.

Carton Packing machine technical parameters

  • Equipment production capacity: one loaded two boxes (3 * 4), the standard yield 5000 bottles / hour; (or according to customer requirements)

  • Packing: carton packing

  • Applicable bottle type: 200ml-1500ml bottle

  • Packing layer: one layer

  • Model size: length 1800x wide 1200x high 1800

  • Equipment power: 5.0kw

  • Control power: 24V DC

  • Compressed air: 0.4-0.6Mpa, 30L / MIN

  • Equipment weight: 3000Kg

  • Basic configuration

  • Germany IGUS linear guide

  • Germany SICK photoelectric control system

  • Germany Siemens PLC and control system (touch screen control)

  • Stepper motor

  • AIRTAC Pneumatic components (cylinders, solenoid valves)

  • Taiwan imported inverter

  • Divided bottle section stainless steel; carbon steel welded body, the surface coating treatment

Technical Parameter

Automatic Folding Stainless Steel Sealing Machine

Technical parameters:



Power supply

220V 50HZ



Maximum packing size


Minimum package size


Sealing speed

300-750 boxs one hour

Tape width


Outer packing size


Machine weight


Manual adjustment, sealing speed, high efficiency, durable, stand-alone use, but also with the automation to the packaging line supporting the use of the same time.

Main configuration: Taiwan, such as Yang motor, Omron contact switch, Japan IDEC intermediate relay and indicator lights, Schneider AC contactor, Taiwan new Gong cylinder and solenoid valve, HRB bearings, Japan SKD11 blade, Italy imported belt, easy to force casters

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