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Full Automatic 2-5L Can Craft Beer Filling Machine Full Automatic 2-5L Can Craft Beer Filling Machine

Full automatic 5L beer filling machine mainly consists of beer feeding pipeline, beer storage tank, gas storage tank, filling head, barrel conveyor chain, barrel lifting cylinder, push barrel cylinder, intake and cleaning pipeline, touch screen, frame, gland system, etc.

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Product Description


  • This equipment is specially designed for 5L beer fresh-keeping containers (including stainless steel, plastic storage drums and beer barrels). The equipment can automatically complete the filling work in a sterile environment and extend the shelf life of the beer.

  • The control unit of the machine adopts Weilun touch screen and Mitsubishi PLC integrated machine for automatic control of the whole process. All control parameters (time values) can be adjusted without downtime. Simple and reliable!

Main Specification


Filling head 12 
Working surface height700mm
Machine size2500mm x 1800X2600mm
Cylinder piston maximum stroke300mm
Weight  1200kg
Capacity 400-500 b/h 
Filling methodstraight line filling  


Technical Parameter

Beer source pressure   0.2 ---- 0.3Mpa
Air source pressure 0.6 ---- 0.8Mpa
CO2 pressure0.6 ---- 0.8Mpa
Cylinder pressure0.4 ---- 0.5Mpa
VoltageAC380V 50Hz



PG-5L-12 5L Beer Can filling machine picture show:                    

Beer Can Filling Machine

Beer Can Filling Machine

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