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750ml Glass Bottle Wine Filling Machine 750ml Glass Bottle Wine Filling Machine

2019 hottest full automatic wine glass bottle filling machine. It suits for special cap, cork capping machine. It combined with our three in one machine, so it also has rinsing filling and cork capping machine.

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Product Description


  • The machine is designed for the filling of wine and alcohol drink. The equipment is a combination of flushing machine. Negative pressure filling machine and capping machine. The filling machine has compact structure and saves installation space. A single motor to provide working power, frequency control, both to ensure the synchronization of each device to run, easy to operate, but also to run a smooth, high degree of automation. Various parts of the equipment with overload protection device,such as clamp bottles can be automatically shut down to prevent damage to the equipment. Process short, fully enclosed, to ensure that the product from pollution.

  • The machine is equipped with electric lifting system, click button to complete, save time and effort. With a screw into the bottle, adjustable the bottle diameter, if the bottle diameter is similar, you can use same part.

  • Vacuum filling machine, it has high-precision filling valve, a strong negative vacuum pump to ensure that the equipment filling level is same. Adjustable screw into bottle. Soft care system to protect the bottle to prevent broken bottle injury machine.

  • Drawing machine from Italy technology, combined with  china”s actual production design. Both to ensure the quality of the plug, but also to meet the diverse requirements of our bottle. Precise jamming device, the main action by the cam to complete, to ensure the reliability. No bottle no less than plug, cost savings.

Technical Parameter



Washing head


Filling head


Sealing head






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