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330ml Glass Bottle Soybean Milk Filling Machine 330ml Glass Bottle Soybean Milk Filling Machine

Soybean milk filling machine has rinsing filling capping three function. It suits for glass bottle and PET bottle milk filling machine. Especially 275ml soybean milk glass bottle product is popular. It adopts bottle lifting technology, can suit for different filling speed, from 1000bph to 30000bph. Machine use frequency variable motor, controlled by PLC. Such as Mitsubishi, Siemens, and other famous brand components.

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Product Description

Production Introduction

The whole machine adopts the feeding bottle into the conveyor structure, the requirements of the equipment is reduced to the maximum extent, so that the whole line operation is more reliable.


  1. Filling machine with large rotary bearing support structure. So that the machine running more smoothly. Soybean milk filling use micro negative pressure gravity filling principle. Making the filling speed , liquid lever control accuracy. The machine has the characteristics of no bottle no filling, filling valve with high precision spring mechanical filling valve, with high precision filling speed, high level control characteristic. The bottle mouth pre cover device and improve the guide combination on the structure, from the greatest degree guarantee the stability of bottle and filling machine.

  2. The convenient and quick replacement of the bottle change part. Only adjusting the filling ,capping machine height, replacement change part can produce different size of bottle volume.

  3. Sorting device use rotary type sorting does not damage the surface of caps, the caps automatically comes into hopper and achieve the capping function.

  4. The whole machine has a complete lubrication system, so the equipment maintenance is more convenient and fast.

  5. The whole machine adopts advanced human-man interface operation. PLC control, frequency conversion stepless speed regulation and other automatic control technology. No bottle no open filling valve, no bottle caps, waiting for the lack of lid shut-down function, high degree of automation.

  6. The machine and material contact with liquid drink is made of high quality food grade stainless steel 304. fully meet the international standard food hygiene.

  7. The filling machine also has complete CIP cleaning system. It is convenient for the whole machine of each part to be cleaned.


Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter

Washing head


Filling head


Capping head


Speed ( 275ml)


Bottle height


Bottle diameter


Air consumption

0.2m³/Min (0.4-0.6Mpa)

Working voltage AC


Control voltage DC




Main motor


Hopper motor


Vacuum pump


Return pump



2360*1890*2750mm (L*W*H)



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