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Semi-automatic Empty Glass Bottle/can Depalletizer Machine Semi-automatic Empty Glass Bottle/can Depalletizer Machine

semi-automatic depalletizer machine main move pallet glass bottle or empty can into belt conveyor.

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  • Product Description


  • The ASJ-3 semi-automatic unloading machine is an electric lifting device that adjusts the empty bottle on the fork of the machine to the position where the worker can easily pick and place by lifting up and down, thus helping the worker to unload the bottle. 

  • This machine is mainly used for the auxiliary unloading of the canning production line. Through the seamless docking with the canned conveyor line, the workers can easily unload the empty bottles on the tray to the production line without frequent bending. The tray is automatically raised by one layer, which not only greatly reduces labor intensity, saves production and labor, but also improves the speed and efficiency of depalletizing.

Technical Parameter

The lowest point of the fork is as follows:

Adapt to tray size1000~110mm*1200mm
Pallet fork height30mm
Rated load1200kg
Motor1.5Kw, 380V
MaterialCarbon steel 
Surface treatmentAnti-rust paint + top coat

details picture for semi-automatic depalletizer machine:


Semi Automatic Depalletizer Machine

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