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Automatic Recycle Beer Glass Bottle Washing Machine Automatic Recycle Beer Glass Bottle Washing Machine

ZXP-150 glass bottle washing machine is widely used in beer bottle, wine, alcohol drink recycle bottle from the market. It is automatic cleaning system, the working process as below: Bottle conveyor enter---soaking pool and flush---outside brush---inside brush---flush cleaning water into bottle --- bottle conveyor outlet.

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Product Description


JINRI ZXP-150 type of automatic bottle washer, which is used for diverse specifications of bottles. Whatever new or old bottles of beer, bottles of wine, bottles of beverage and so on.  a set of machinery consists of liquid filling machine and capper machine. 

This set create a automatic line to product. The step of the automatic line which are washing, bulking and packing. We also can offer stand-alone belong to single-function of washing. ZXP-150 type of automatic bottle washer is formed by soaking pool, outside brush machine, inside brush machine, bottle conveyor and so on.

Main Technical Parameters

Bottle specification (cylindrical)

External diameterФ56-Ф82mm
Inner diameter of bottlegreater than 15mm
Productivity4000-6000 bottle/hour  330ml Glass bottle
Clean up rategreater than 90%
Extract rate0.3%
Total power21.75Kw 
Total weight5.2t


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