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Automatic Empty Can Depalletizer Machine Automatic Empty Can Depalletizer Machine

Automatic depalletizer machine used in empty can and empty glass bottle. It can connect with the can rinising machine or send to our glass bottle clamping machine. It is widely used in beverage, beer,chemical industry.

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Product Description


Used in food and beverage industry, chemical industry; supporting three-in-one filling machine, All types of bottles can be unloaded, the output can be connected to the chain or duct.


Main technical parameter:

Maxi stack size:1480*1200*2400mm

Max stacking speed: 20000bph

Adaptation bottle: PET bottle, glass bottle, cans and so on.

Compressed air: 0.1M3 /min , 6bar

Motor configuration: 380V/50Hz , 9kw

Weight: 5000kg


Technical characteristics:

1, the mechanical structure is simple, small footprint, large production capacity;

2, the whole machine PLC control, automatic operation;

3, to adapt to a variety of stacking and bottle type, easy to adjust;

4, multiple security protection, with touch screen control;

5, the use of high-quality conveyor chain sub-transmission, into the paragraph can be arbitrarily lengthened;

6, motor, cylinder drive and control all imported brand-name components;

7, try to use 304 materials, machine beautiful and generous.

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