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1000BPH Beer Pasteurizer Tunnel Machine 1000BPH Beer Pasteurizer Tunnel Machine

Beer pasteurizer tunnel machine widely used in beer fields. Especially in bottled and canned craft beer, draft beer. It achieves the secondary sterilization for bottle, caps and beer. It extends the shelf life.

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Product Description


Beer pasteurization tunnel ,warming and cooling tunnel, is specially designed and used for bottled / canned beer after filling . Which through sterilization, warm preservation, cooling achieve prolong the shelf life, especially the secondary sterilization equipment for automatic production line. According to users of different products of different heating, sterilization, warm preservation, cooling process requirement, to design a different process, meet the technological requirements, according to user requirements, configuration of the corresponding high precision automatic control system.


Performance characteristics:

1. The machine frame is made of stainless steel, the overall structure is compact and the appearance is wholesome and beautiful.

2. High quality plastic engineering belt chain plate, can be long-term work under the high temperature of 100 ℃;

3. The solid cone Angle nozzle spray heads, the water flow distribution is uniform and stable, the temperature zone is constant.

4. The comprehensive utilization of various energy and warm recovery technologies, energy saving and environmental protection;

5. Pt100 temperature sensor, measurement accuracy is high, up to + / - 0.5 ℃;

6. The multi-process combination, the process is reasonable, can handle various materials.

7. The pasteurized temperature is controlled by the German Siemens  PLC .

8. The frequency conversion control can be adjusted according to the production process.

9. PP bottles, plastic bags, paper boxes, bottles, cans and other products roof the discharged, configuration and automated conveyor line connection transition smoothly; The whole line is smoother.

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