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How to use bottle blowing machine?

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The advancement of technology has made possible the filling of water bottles automatic. Gone are the days when the entire filling work in the factories was manual. Today, automatic water bottle blowing machines are available in the market that can fill bottles automatically. These bottle blowing machines just require one or two persons to operate and the whole work is done automatically. The key benefits of using a water bottle blowing machine includes high efficiency, reliability, and energy saving.

An up-to-date microcomputer control system and man-machine touch panel are used in the bottle blowing machine that can precisely be controlled. First, the perform is positioned in feeding machine, which is sent towards the machine inlet through an automatic upward transmission belt. After that, the track runs automatically and the perform gets heated by a number of ovens. Finally, it gets softened to attain a perfect blowing state. When it passes through photoelectric detection switch, the perform enters the mold, stretches and blows in mold. In the end, all blown bottles are removed by a robotic hand.

Steps to operate water bottle blowing

Step 1 – Operation

· First of all, check the level of water in the cold-water tower and open bottle cooling water pump.

· Observe the level of water in the cold-water tank and open mold cooling water pump.

· Open high-pressure air compressor and open dry and cold machine.

· Observe the high-pressure pressure gauge of the machine, the pressure arrives at 29kg before machine’s opening. Manually open the machine and see if its working properly or not. Then, press the “heating start” and “blowing” button.

· Once light box acquires the target heating temperature, push the “enter” button.

bottle blowing machine

Step 2 – Quality Adjustment

· The color of bottle was milky white when the temperature of light box is too high, as per the white section of lamp temperature.

· When the temperature of light box was low, the bottle color was blue stretch.

· When the bottle aggregates, raise the preliminary layer of the lamp temperature or shut down the small bottle of the cooling water outlet plug.

· Bottle deformation describes the high temperature of bottle mouth, so decrease temperature of preliminary layer.

· Bottleneck thickening describes too low pre-blowing delay time to 0.01s, so reduce the delay time.

Step 3 – Production Speed Adjustment

Decrease speed by raising exhaust time and raise time of saturated pressure. On the other hand, decrease temperature of light box. There must be a decrease of 1% light box temperature. Raise speed and decrease the operation speed contrary. Regardless the deceleration and acceleration are not much fast, each modify nearly 0.3s after observing the stability and quality of bottles after every speed. Each speed must carefully check bottle quality and accordingly adjust the temperature of light box.

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