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Customers Come to Our Factory to Visit The Beer Filling Line

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At Jinri Machinery, we are known as one of the top beer filling machine suppliers in China, and we are proud to provide high-quality beer filling machine.


As a world-renowned organization with a strong interest in invention and entrepreneurship, we are always ready to cooperate with visitors and customers from all over the world to establish sustainable business relationships.


Our cordial and friendly customer service allows us to always welcome every customer with a warm and hospitable moment, for example, when they come to our factory to make purchases and inspect our machines.


Recently, we have several visitors to our production factory to check and understand the company's situation, focusing on our beer filling line.

 Customers Come to Our Factory to Visit The Beer Filling Line

Accompanied by the main person in charge of each department, Greek customers visited our sales department, R&D department and workshop. The customer visited the beer filling line used on site. They were surprised by the excellent performance of the equipment. They decided to buy our products on site.


After an on-site inspection, the client said that he saw the overall strength of the company and was confident in the future development of our company. This inspection laid a good foundation for cooperation between the two parties. We hope to achieve mutual benefit and mutual development in future cooperation projects!

 Customers Come to Our Factory to Visit The Beer Filling Line

Customers also showed great interest in our carbonated soft drink filling machine. They are willing to continue to buy our machines in the next cooperation.


We are a leader in the research and production of beverage filling and packaging machines. Jinri Machinery-You are trustworthy!

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